Updating Ancient Wisdom Conversations With IF “Metaphysics”

Conversations with I.F.’Metaphysics’

I.F. was not very happy with the expansion of metaphysical and occult book shops that sprung up in the Cities. He believed that the Esoteric Ancient Wisdom teachings were meant for only about 5% of the population at any one time.

Einstein gave us his theories and man used them to create Atomic warheads. I.F. felt that the race psyche, massive unconscious humanity would use this Sacred Hidden Knowledge to destroy and harm also.

He told me that there was a continuous evolution of man upon the planet. But it took two streams to accomplish it. The 5% of humanity, the pioneers, the seed group consciously sought out the Laws and Cosmic principles behind man’s purpose on Earth. They attracted the teachers, both carnate and incarnate, who taught them. This 5% seed group were like the yeast in a loaf of bread. They made the bread, massive humanity, rise in terms of their level of consciousness. The primary purpose of man’s existence in this school, called the Planet Earth, is to raise their level of consciousness. Without the leavening power of the 5% seed group, this cycle of life would fail.

The 95% will evolve also, but unless they consciously choose to become part of the 5%, the powers of evolution will drag them along by their hair screaming and gnashing their teeth.

The choice is always theirs. But the path to the 5% of conscious humanity is long and difficult and many will not choose it.

I.F. felt that each one of the Sacred Sciences of the the Ancient Wisdom teachings could be compared to a 55 gallon drum of clear, pristine water. It was meant for the Great Teachers, philosophers and Wise men to go to this 55 gallon drum of ‘Truth’, take a dipper full ou and pass it on to other people. Their hands, minds and emotions were clean and pure, therefore they did not pollute the water.

Now, with the thousands of books written about the secrets of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, millions of people are dipping their hands into the Sacred Barrels. Are their thoughts, feelings and hands clean? Are their motives pure? Do they want to share?

Just look at the emotional, mental and physical state of the world today, and answer these questions your self.

I.F. insisted that I “Become an Oasis of Sanity in this crazy hodgepodge of Metaphysics all around me.”

Now we have entered the Age of Aquarius and the Laws of Quantum Physics have given us many new things.

I see now that my Dharma and my purpose is to update some of the Ancient Wisdom teachings using the language of Quantum Physics.

Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.

Like I.F. always said, “We all need more patience, peace, poise and persistence.” What’s our rush? He knew about the the working Laws of Quantum Physics even though he didn’t use the language.

“Fixed attention starts molecular structure into motion,” he said. This is exactly what the Laws of Quantum Physics tell us. Where you place your attention is what you attract from the infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean or Mind of God.