Shifting Into Quantum Energy

Talk, talk, and more talk about quantum energy. It is everywhere. How do we make the shift into that energy? In the case of the ancient tribes that exist today as they did hundreds of years ago, they only had to be willing to travel outside their comfort zone or geographic area and they would join our ‘modern’ world.

But what about the rest of us, how do we make the shift? We don’t have any memory of ever making a shift from one dimension to another at a higher vibration; although it is highly likely that many of us have done so in past lives. How do we accomplish this?

It really is that simple. If there were only two things I could share about moving into quantum energy, I would limit it to pay attention and stay aware. Things have begun happening around you already.

Personally, about a year ago I was in a situation that really required clarification or things could have continued to decline rapidly. In utter frustration, I sat down one night and began talking to my higher self. I asked that I be shown what I need to know about the situation. Simply the request to, ‘Show me what I need to know;’ that is all that was required.

I went to sleep and had what at first appeared to be a dream. I was riding in the back seat of my daughter-in-laws car. I watched as she talked on her cell phone and drove the familiar route to a Dunkin Donut shop. She appeared to be oblivious to my presence.

She walked in and sat down to a meeting that was about me. I stood and watched and listened and wondered why these people would say the things they were saying while I was standing there listening. None of the people acknowledged me.

As I listened to the conversation I was able to hear the details and to see firsthand who was involved in the issue I had asked about. I was shown ‘what I needed to know,’ to hear their words and their plans.

When I woke up I realized that she had left her home, where I was visiting, on Saturday morning wearing the same clothes she had on in the ‘dream.’ And this, dear ones, is time travel. Both past and future; it has happened to me many times since by simply asking the same question, ‘Show me what I need to know.’ As we get more comfortable in the new energy, we will not need to go to sleep to get the information; for now, we are resistant while awake. Dream time is like using training wheels on a bicycle until we can accept and adapt to the changes.

It will work for all of us; it is quantum communication with your higher self, and far better and more reliable than a psychic or a card reading. Just like the ancient tribes who continue to exist oblivious to a world of high tech and global communications; if you want to experience the new energy and take advantage of all that it offers to you, you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and be aware.

In the dense 3D energy, many of us were able to use astral projection to gain information we needed. For me, the defining difference was this; in astral projection I was always above the scene, hovering above and yet able to see and learn. In time travel, you are in the scene, same level as the participants and one hundred percent of the things they see or hear, you will see or hear. It is magnificent!

I began ‘talking’ to my innate; that body of energy that surrounds you and intuitively picks up things long before your physical body becomes aware. It is the ‘smart body’ that senses danger, knows when someone has entered a room or anything else that pertains to you and your well being. I wanted to establish communication and see what directions I could get to achieve some healing issues I was working on.

Just a few weeks after the event with my daughter-in-law I acquired a very serious lung infection. My lungs were already compromised, making this even more serious than it might be for most people.

I had already made two trips to the doctor and seemed to be growing worse daily. My family was growing more and more concerned, many voicing the fear that I would not survive this time.

I spoke each night to my higher self; I had already openly made the statement that I wanted to grab the hand of that part of myself and never let go; we were going to exist in sister energy. I asked for guidance to recover.

That night I had a dream. I seemed to be hiding in someone’s home with my little dog. It was dark there.

A woman who resembled me with much darker skin came into the area where we were hiding. Everything around her was dark. We were caught! She told me she needed ’30 more to stay,’ and that I could stay as well if I could give her 30. She went to the window and opened it wide, placing a string of lights around it making it impossible for me not to see what she had done. I use oxygen at night so I do have some experience with the required level of oxygen to survive.

It was very clear to everyone that I was extraordinarily challenged with oxygen levels while the lung infection had been growing worse. It takes a minimum level of 30 to survive; for the body to continue living.

There is no doubt in my mind that I was communicating with the innate; the part of us that protects and heals and guides us instinctively. The message was very clear; if I could ensure an oxygen level of 30, I could remain in this physical body and in this lifetime. The innate would take care of the healing; my part was to provide enough ‘air’ to allow the healing to happen, to sustain life.

I paid particular attention to oxygen during the daytime as well as at night. The following morning I made a recovery that was nothing short of miraculous!

By being aware and willing to make the effort to actually talk to my DNA and to request the innate to do everything possible to recover, along with insisting that I have a constant communication with my higher self, holding hands, many of the quantum attributes available have opened. It has been amazing!

This is not a personal story. This is true for everyone who is willing to commit to making the effort and believing in something that is new and magical. Your world has changed. Your DNA knows it, your innate knows it, your subconscious knows it… isn’t it about time you spoke to them directly so you can know it and use it to your benefit?

Perhaps now you can see the correlation to the ancient tribes; it is as simple for us to tap into and use the new things available to us in quantum energy as it is for them to accept that there has been tremendous progress in the world around them. They only had to leave their comfort zone and believe what they could see before their own eyes! And so do you.