Changing Impact on Shopping Through Web Design and Marketing

Web design is a growing important tool in marketing today as the electronic world starts to have a strong impact on the lifestyle of society. The commercial sector is developing rapidly through web design and marketing tools and resources as these enable all involved parties to draw more awareness to the available offerings of products and service which can be translated into sales and profit.

Industry development

There is an obvious development in many industries with the engagement of web designs that fuel marketing objectives. Many business entrepreneurs are discovering the effective and impactful tools of web design to market their products and services with more and more online consumers.

Different industries have bloomed rather quickly and positively when adopted web design tools and techniques. Their own websites showcasing their wares have induced a higher sale quantum and profit. More consumers prefer to shop online than at physical stores today with the advancing technology that is now so easily available.

The current technology has boosted the development of industries through well designed websites which showcase the availability of required products and services. Consumers enjoy browsing the web for all sorts of products, services and information available at their fingertips instead of having to brave adverse weather conditions to on-site stores which may be far away.


More benefits are enjoyed with online shopping as the latest technology is able to display the best of products, services and information easily and correctly on well-designed websites which are excellent marketing tools for the suppliers and retailers.

Consumers also benefit from online shopping as they browse the web for their desired products, services and information without having to leave their home. This is especially beneficial to homebound consumers who can be linked up to the Internet via some simple computer gadgets to enjoy a more fulfilling life through technology.

Less cost is involved as one browses the well-designed sites to make their purchases. There is no traveling and parking cost with online marketing and shopping; there is no stress and hassle from annoying salesmen who persist in coercing consumers to make purchases at the shops.

Consumers need not be physically tired walking through the large shopping malls today to seek what they want. Consumers can get on to the web anytime from anywhere to enjoy their shopping spree. Online shopping stems from great web designs and marketing strategies by creative and innovative parties that benefit consumers and online retailers.

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist – You Will Love What This Machine Can Do

600 built-in stitches and 5 different fonts

You have an unlimited amount of stitch options with 600 build-in stitches available, all at the push of a button. Whatever the project, you will find a stitch that is just right.

There is also editing available for your stitches and you have 5 different fonts available that will provide you with endless project possibilities.

Includes 13 styles of fully automatic one-step buttonholes

Whatever design of button hole you might be looking for, you will have it at the touch of a button with the included 13 styles of on-step buttonholes.

You have unlimited design options for customizing your sewing projects.

Electronic auto pilot and speed control – you don’t need a foot pedal

There is no need for the foot pedal with the Singer 9960. Powering your sewing machine can be done with the touch of a button. The choice is yours.

Just slide the speed control lever to select your sewing speed from slow to fast. You have complete control. You can sew from slow speeds for more intricate work, to a fast 850 stitches per minute.

Large Back-Lit LCD Screen with Brightness Control

With the large back-lit LCD screen you will be able to see all the information available for choosing the stitch pattern you need for your sewing project.

With the brightness control, you determine how bight to keep the light, making it easy to see every detail. Your workspace will be illuminated for up to 100,000 sewing hours with the two StayBright LED lights.

Free arm and Extension Table

When you remove the free arm you can easily access all the difficult to reach areas for easier sewing, like cuffs, collars and pant hems.

When you have larger sewing projects you can easily slip on the extension table. Quilting will be much easier with the extra table room provided.

On-Board Storage

Storage for the standard included accessories is in the free arm so everything is handy. It is nice to have everything right at your fingertips.

There is also room for the 7 bonus accessories and the 18 presser feed that are included when you purchase sewing machine.

These snap on and off with the touch of a button. No need to hunt the screwdriver to get this accomplished.

Shopping online for today’s best Price has advantages

I’m sure you can agree that shopping online can get you the best deal for the Singer 9960 Quantum. You can shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no crowds to fight in the stores, don’t have to find a parking space, and you don’t have to worry about packing anything home.

You just place your order and the store does everything else to get your order right to your door.

If you shop online you have the ability to comparison shop by going from site to site to see where the best prices are. Just go to Google and search for the item you are looking for then check out all the sites that come up.

Quantum Entanglement: Spooky Action At A Distance

There’s a quantum category that suggests that observation is not always necessary in order to know something. That’s the phenomena of quantum entanglement. Okay, it’s necessary to observe one thing, but in doing so you don’t have to observe something else in order to know something about it. It’s a phenomena where by two things are entangled and knowing the state of one thing tells you the properties (some of them at least) of the other.

Actually I quite love this idea of entanglement and to know the properties of something without ever having to actually observe or measure it. Let’s return to my favourite imaginary couple, Jane and Clive, who, as we all know, are a bit weird. So, I can imagine this hypothetical macro example from the Jane and Clive archives, where Jane and Clive agree that on any given day, whatever colours Clive wears, Jane won’t (or vice versa). So, if Clive is dressed in a blue suit, with white shirt and red tie, grey socks and hat, with black shoes, I can be sure, without observing, that Jane’s outfit will consist of nothing that is black, white, blue, red or grey. So, I know something about Jane’s properties without any observation because in this case Jane and Clive were entangled!

In actual fact it is way weirder than that. If this were a real quantum entanglement example, then if Clive and Jane were on opposite sides of the Universe, and Jane had on a green outfit and Clive had on a red outfit, and Clive changed outfits to one of green, then Jane would have to also change, in this case from green to red – instantaneously. Now that’s really spooky!

Speaking of clothes, Clive has this daily habit of putting on unmatched socks. If Jane sees Clive’s right foot wearing a brown sock, she doesn’t need to have the IQ of Einstein to figure out that Clive’s left foot isn’t clothed in a brown sock! If Clive only has brown and black socks, Jane knows that Clive’s left foot has a black sock on it.

Or, say Jane and Clive are expecting company, but don’t know when that company will arrive. Therefore, one or the other of them has to be home at all times – in case. So, if I see Jane shopping, I know, without personal observation, that Clive is home. Now let’s take a micro example. The vacuum energy spits out a matter-antimatter particle pair, but they separate and escape and head off in opposite directions. Jane captures one in her particle trap (box); Clive gets the other one in his particle trap (box). Jane peeks into the box and sees a positron and says so. That alone spoils the surprise for Clive, for without any need to look; he now knows his box contains an electron.

Pick and remove a card from a standard deck. Don’t look at it. Bury it in a time capsule. Send the rest of the unobserved deck of 51 cards via rocket ship off to the Andromeda Galaxy. Leave instructions. Generations upon generations later, with the deck of 51 safely in the Great Galaxy of Andromeda, you’re great, great, great (add lots more greats) grand-person can dig up and look at lone card in the time capsule. Say it is the Ace of Diamonds. You do not now need to observe the original deck in Andromeda to know 1) it contains 51 cards, and 2) that it is missing the Ace of Diamonds! That’s entanglement. And entanglement is something that Einstein called ‘spooky action at a distance’ because you can come by information or knowledge instantaneously – faster than the speed of light. Thus, Einstein was not amused!

On the micro level, the example usually given involves electrons (though one can experimentally substitute oppositely polarised photons). No two electrons can be in the exact same atomic ‘orbit’ if they have the exact same quantum configuration – the Pauli Exclusion Principle. One such configuration is called ‘spin’ and there are two mutually exclusive possibilities called ‘spin up’ and ‘spin down’. Any electron is either ‘spin up’ or ‘spin down’ with respect to ‘spin’. So, two electrons can occupy the same atomic ‘orbit’ if one is ‘spin down’ and the other is ‘spin up’. If either electron flips from ‘spin up’ to ‘spin down’, then its orbital partner must instantaneously flip too, but in the opposite manner. One would suspect that even while in their shared atomic orbit, two electrons couldn’t ‘communicate’ quite instantaneously and thus it would still take some finite time for the other’s spin to flip given a flip by its partner. One would think that, but if real entanglement has any validity, that can’t be so.

Separate the two electrons, one ‘spin up’ the other ‘spin down’ and send them travelling in opposite directions so that there eventually becomes a vast distance between them. If later on you observe the spin orientation of one, then you instantaneously know the spin of the other – faster than the speed of light! Where ‘spooky’ comes in is that if one of the isolated electrons flips its spin from up to down, then the other apparently must flip also in response – from down to up. Yet the two are out of touch and out of reach and out of sight, so how do they know each other’s state, and how do they instantaneously communicate that state faster than the speed of light? Something’s rotten somewhere!

I can only conclude that since electrons have no free will, no ability to communicate with each other, and can not violate the cosmic speed limit, that once separated and thus isolated they either don’t flip, or it doesn’t matter because observing one will now tell you nothing about the state of the other, and therefore nothing ‘spooky’ happens. It doesn’t matter because once separated, the entanglement is no longer valid – the two electrons are like a divorced couple that have no further interaction with each other.

Unfortunately, actual experiment verifies entanglement, and thus spookiness reigns. However, one can not apparently use entanglement to actually communicate anything original apart from knowing the properties of the other unobserved bit, so therefore entanglement isn’t a solution to a superluminal telegraph.

Further recommended readings about quantum entanglement:

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