3 Myths You Need to Know About a Quantum Leap

Have You Ever Experienced a Quantum Leap?

You’ll know when you do experience a quantum leap because it’s the most ridiculously intense experience.

3 Myths You Need to Know Now

Misconception #1

People don’t realize that 99% of the time when you go through a Quantum Leap you’ll feel awful before you feel great

Misconception #2

People think they are going backwards in their life and things are falling apart

Misconception #3

People think they are disconnected from intuitive guidance

What Are The Signs You are Making a Quantum Leap?

Physical Symptoms:

You may have some or all of these feeling in your body: shaking, pins and needles buzzing, vibrating, tingling sensations, headache or migraine, wired energy or exhaustion/lethargy.

Emotional Symptoms:

You may experience intense feelings of loneliness, panic, overwhelm, fear, abandonment, loss, extreme sensitivity, vulnerability.

State of Mind:

Your intuition is expanding. You are breaking through old outmoded ways of thinking. It may feel like things are getting worse. Patterns from the past arise and go over and over like a stuck CD in your head. It may be hard to think clearly. That’s just the Ego Mind kicking and screaming, trying to block your wise guidance out.

Why Do You Feel Worse Before You Feel Better?

Your soul is saying “STOP and listen to the guidance” and “STOP” so your body can go through the appropriate release of old energies that do not support your spiritual growth and personal development anymore.

Finally, there is big difference between a Dark Night of the Soul and a Quantum Leap. Do you know the difference between the two?

My Spiritual Solution:

I dragged myself into bed and prayed and then the pain intensified. Winston my doggie was on the bed with me and I was shaking like a leaf and I was terrified and I heard inner guidance as my own voice in my head say “Let Go”.

And you know what? I was terrified to let go. Yes, me. I cried and wailed and prayed for forgiveness, you see I wasn’t just experiencing my quantum leap. I could feel the old energies of the Group Consciousness in addition to my own.

Nick was at work and I wanted him to be with me so much and then I felt the Ego Mind loosen its grip. I began to feel the shift occurring within me at a physical level. My whole body began to vibrate and I’d asked for a sign that I wasn’t making this all up. For those of you who don’t know me well, I’m pretty down to earth, skeptical at times and enjoy regular things like shopping, eating and walking the dog on the beach.

Then the inner guidance was “Get out of bed and go write to everyone now,” and I thought “I can’t, I feel too awful,” and the guidance came again, “You can do it”.

Don’t Block Your Quantum Leap:

I got out of bed and there was my sign. I wasn’t attached to receiving a sign. I asked if it would be possible to have a sign, rather than demanding it.

It was 12:12 and I couldn’t believe it. It was the sign I needed and I began to laugh and thank God and as I walked across the house to my computer in the other room, all my painful symptoms were gone and I felt peace.

I know this story is relevant for some of you because my inner guidance said so. You know who you are. I want you to know you are on track and all is well, there is a divine plan.