Planning an Ecommerce Website – Some Comments on Web Based Shopping Carts

There needs to be a better online ecommerce software package and processing system which is more secure, and user friendly. Being secure is paramount but ease of use and a positive user experience is also a priority. Not long, ago, I was discussing this with a new online small business person, who is considering a new start-up selling online.

“I am planning an Ecommerce setup and so seriously searching for drop shippers. Maybe, the Jewelry market or Office Supplies but still this research keeps on going for hours: I am looking for the ultimate shopping cart but still have not found what I am looking for!”

Yes, I’ve been completely underwhelmed with the typical formats, as it seems there is not a lot of innovation in that space. They really are not user friendly, I hope someday they link all of that to 3D Printing and Holographic Imagery, or video projected spectral imaging 3D, so you can display whatever it is you are buying and see it, before you buy it.

Also, I find most online shopping carts completely irritating when you are buying several products at once, and you have to keep switching back and forth. What have you found that you like the best, and how on Earth can you keep the hackers out now that many rogue-nation cyber divisions have their staff doing “free-lancing” on the side in the hacker world with quasi-quantum computing skills? It seems nothing is secure these days.

The most important thing for an online shopping cart is of course that it must be secure 100% and then the functionality has to work so that it doesn’t lose customers, or cause people to eject from the sales process or payment submission feature. A good number of electronic payment schemes alienate the customer, without capturing the sale, and even if they do complete the transaction, the customer does not feel their data is safe and worries about it.

Further, if a customer is not happy with the sale they are more likely to call up and harass the company if the product was shipped a couple of days late or failed to arrive when the customer perceived it should have. In this case the company then is caused to spend more time, labor, thus, money keeping them happy, which negates the entire reason for automated type payment systems, and therefore, I ask all online ecommerce sellers; is your shopping online payment system sending your customers away?

If so, more the reason we need a better solution for secure online payments and processes. Indeed, it is my hope that you will please consider all this and think on it.

Monsters and Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics and Monsters Who Hide There

Where do the monsters that the modern of modern literature and films come from? Where do the writers get them?

Do they already exist some where? Does he/she attract them into his/her own mind? Or do they create them in their own mind first and send them out into the world in books and movies?

What is the morality judgment for such creations? There is an old saying, “Whatever a man can conceive and believe he can achieve.”

There is another old saying, “What ever a man can do, he should do.”

But should he really? Just because we can do something, should we? Einstein discovered the mathematics that created the Atom Bomb. But should he have given it out?

The Age of Aquarius, that we have just entered and will be in for the next 2000 year, has given us the great gift of the Laws of Quantum Physics. These Laws have given us a better understanding of how creation works.

Simply stated the Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of intelligent, thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean.

Everything that ever was, is or will be exists in the Quantum Ocean. There is no time, no past, present nor future in the Quantum Ocean. There is only the NOW. There is no Space, no depth, length or width, only the HERE.

“There is only the HERE-NOW, an infinite point where you, I and everything exists. In Reality, it is the Mind of God. The Creator God.

So the question is, and we still have 1950 more years to go in the Age of Aquarius, did Stephen King create “Cujo” and project it into the Quantum Ocean? Did Benchley create “Jaws” and project it into the Quantum Ocean?

Or did these two monsters already exist in the Quantum Ocean waiting for writers who vibrated with a certain resonant frequency to come along, to free them and project them into our reality?

Because they are there in our reality now, in the minds of millions of adults and children. They are there on film in the video shops and on TV.

Do King and Benchley have to take responsibility for freeing these monsters and projecting them into the minds of our children? Or are they free and clear of all responsibilities, the same as Einstein with his Atomic bomb Mathematics?

Should inventors, doctors, scientists and writers do a thing just because they CAN? Or should they sit back and pause for a moment and ask themselves “What will be the consequences now and in the future, of my actions today?”

The energies that make monsters “Cujo” and “Jaws” do exist in the Quantum Ocean. Whether they always existed and King and Benchley empowered them or they just created them from the Mind Stuff in the Quantum Ocean is the unanswered question.

Now they exist on the Physical Plane in books, films and in people’s thoughts. What I am concerned about is what is known as “Critical Mass.” This Law says, amongst other things, that when enough time, energy and thought is put into a non-physical reality, it will pop out into the physical reality in which we live.

Thoughts are Things. Are there “Jaws” swimming on the edge of the non-manifested reality, ready to spring into physical reality? Can you faintly hear the bark of “Cujo” through the thin veil of the mists of night?

Updating Ancient Wisdom Conversations With IF “Metaphysics”

Conversations with I.F.’Metaphysics’

I.F. was not very happy with the expansion of metaphysical and occult book shops that sprung up in the Cities. He believed that the Esoteric Ancient Wisdom teachings were meant for only about 5% of the population at any one time.

Einstein gave us his theories and man used them to create Atomic warheads. I.F. felt that the race psyche, massive unconscious humanity would use this Sacred Hidden Knowledge to destroy and harm also.

He told me that there was a continuous evolution of man upon the planet. But it took two streams to accomplish it. The 5% of humanity, the pioneers, the seed group consciously sought out the Laws and Cosmic principles behind man’s purpose on Earth. They attracted the teachers, both carnate and incarnate, who taught them. This 5% seed group were like the yeast in a loaf of bread. They made the bread, massive humanity, rise in terms of their level of consciousness. The primary purpose of man’s existence in this school, called the Planet Earth, is to raise their level of consciousness. Without the leavening power of the 5% seed group, this cycle of life would fail.

The 95% will evolve also, but unless they consciously choose to become part of the 5%, the powers of evolution will drag them along by their hair screaming and gnashing their teeth.

The choice is always theirs. But the path to the 5% of conscious humanity is long and difficult and many will not choose it.

I.F. felt that each one of the Sacred Sciences of the the Ancient Wisdom teachings could be compared to a 55 gallon drum of clear, pristine water. It was meant for the Great Teachers, philosophers and Wise men to go to this 55 gallon drum of ‘Truth’, take a dipper full ou and pass it on to other people. Their hands, minds and emotions were clean and pure, therefore they did not pollute the water.

Now, with the thousands of books written about the secrets of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, millions of people are dipping their hands into the Sacred Barrels. Are their thoughts, feelings and hands clean? Are their motives pure? Do they want to share?

Just look at the emotional, mental and physical state of the world today, and answer these questions your self.

I.F. insisted that I “Become an Oasis of Sanity in this crazy hodgepodge of Metaphysics all around me.”

Now we have entered the Age of Aquarius and the Laws of Quantum Physics have given us many new things.

I see now that my Dharma and my purpose is to update some of the Ancient Wisdom teachings using the language of Quantum Physics.

Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.

Like I.F. always said, “We all need more patience, peace, poise and persistence.” What’s our rush? He knew about the the working Laws of Quantum Physics even though he didn’t use the language.

“Fixed attention starts molecular structure into motion,” he said. This is exactly what the Laws of Quantum Physics tell us. Where you place your attention is what you attract from the infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean or Mind of God.