Malls Without Walls Make Quantum Leaps

These all new e-malls have a new name with a new face. Their new name is “Multi-Niche, Cooperative, Next-Generation, Super-Mall of e-Stores.” They are not like anything you have seen before. They are multi-niche because they have something for everyone. They are cooperative in that they “partner” with established and trusted businesses for mutual benefits. They are next-generation in that they are just as unique as tomorrow. They are a super-mall of e-stores in that there is an unlimited number of products and services they can present to the public at rock-bottom prices from gourmet cookies to laboratory microscopes to the latest cell phones to fishing or sporting gear through their “partners.” With a flexible format these “malls without walls” are easily enlarged and modified.

Even though they are BIG, they are easy to use. They have a “mall office” where you can find customer support and mall updates. Their office is updated regularly. The whole mall is user-friendly and family safe. There is nothing objectionable about them anywhere. Everything is in a logical, commonsense format which is all controlled from their Home Page. All the latest technologies are used to make shopping easy and enjoyable from the comfort of your home, your office or when you are trout fishing out in the wild.

They have a “window” for each of their e-store so you can “window shop” before you go inside to find the things you want. They are set up in such a way that you can enter the e-store of your choice without doing any “window shopping.” The “departments” allow you to see the big picture for each niche.

They are modeled after a brick and mortar mall but without the walls. When you “drive” with a URL to one of these malls, you will see a beautiful display of “e-stores.” You can do some “window shopping” as you stroll down their “hall” at the center of the Home Page or take a right turn and “walk” into one of their many e-stores. You go to their partner’s “window” by clicking on their partner’s name in the center column.

In summary, this all-new mall:

1. Puts everything in one place;
2. Makes it easy to conveniently shop;
3. Is user-friendly and family safe;
4. Has hundreds of thousands of products and services;
5. Has over 250 specialty stores;
6. Is organized for maximum usefulness;
7. Has the customer’s best interest in mind;
8. Can be enlarged and modified easily;
9. Appeals to all niches;
10. Has well-known and respected “partners;”
11. Does not throw ads in its visitor’s face;
12. Is open 24/7/365 for the customer’s convenience;
13. Can be accessed from any location; and
14. Looks really beautiful, too.

Rune Meanings Rune-LAF Calms Emotions

RUNE-LAF is a rune symbol for THE SEA, it calms the emotions.

Calm your emotions by combining the Ancient Wisdom of the Runes with the power of Quantum Physics. This is the fourteenth rune that will continue you on the road to health, wealth and happiness.

The sea and water are synonyms for our EMOTIONS. Our emotional natures. Besides our physical and mental bodies we also have an emotional body.

I hope by now that you have been practicing the RUNIC BREATHING MEDITATIONS. If you have then the energies that are coming to you from the Quantum Ocean are already starting to change your life for the better.

What is a rune meditation? There are thousands of books written about meditation techniques. But the most important question you must ask yourself is why do you want to meditate? For what reason? What do you want to accomplish?

Life is a series of events that pass upon our consciousness in sequential order. Each event is an energy relationship. When you leave your home in the morning and stop for coffeee … that is an event. What is happening? You have just placed your self (energy unit) in another energy unit, the coffee shop. There will be an energy exchange and a relationship (third energy) set up because of the meeting. During the day many of these energy events will have very little effect upon you. But some will. Some may even change your life.

Meditation is an event. When you are sitting very quietly in your chair and you breathe softly and reach out with your mind and touch something. You cause an energy exchange. So be careful who and what you touch in your meditations. Passive meditation is very dangerous. Because you leave yourself wide open. Your castle is left unguarded, the porticulus is down. Any strange energy can come along and attack you. Runic Meditation is good and safe. Since the runes are untainted Universal Creative Energies — you will be reaching out and touching the Mind of God, so to speak. All the energy exchanges between you and the Runic energies will be very beneficial. You can pick and choose on a daily basis which energies you want to touch. What energies you want to manifest in your life. It will be a runic transfusion.

RUNE-LAF. Runes have been around for a long time. Well before the Viking Age. And even well before man used language on this planet. They are creative energies. Non-verbal energies. The secret to attracting your desires in life is to get these energies inside your aura. They will then attract into your life what you desire. Each individual rune opens a door to the realms of creation. (Quantum Ocean).

RUNE LAF’s primary funciton is to help you CALM YOUR EMOTIONS. Since LAF is the Rune of the Sea, the Vikings used to paint it on the bow of their dragon ships to calm the sea. Other Rune LAF meanings: Rune of the Sea-Rune of Life-Origianl waters-Clams the Etheric Body-Life is a Continuous Process of Initiation

How does RUNE-LAF calm your emotions? Many of life’s illnesses come through emotionally charged thoughts. Negative emotions punch holes in our etheric body. This causes illnesses. Rune-LAF fills you with an energy from the Quantum Ocean that can be called the energy of “Original Waters.” They dissolve those negative emotions and start to heal and add strength to your emotional body. It helps you attract Emotional Self-Control . This increases your powers. To have calm positve emotions does not mean you have to become a sweetness and sunshine goody two shoes. No!. The key to conscious life is for you to control your emotions and not let them control you. Learn to use your anger, fear, self-assertiveness as powerful positive energies in your life.

Changing Impact on Shopping Through Web Design and Marketing

Web design is a growing important tool in marketing today as the electronic world starts to have a strong impact on the lifestyle of society. The commercial sector is developing rapidly through web design and marketing tools and resources as these enable all involved parties to draw more awareness to the available offerings of products and service which can be translated into sales and profit.

Industry development

There is an obvious development in many industries with the engagement of web designs that fuel marketing objectives. Many business entrepreneurs are discovering the effective and impactful tools of web design to market their products and services with more and more online consumers.

Different industries have bloomed rather quickly and positively when adopted web design tools and techniques. Their own websites showcasing their wares have induced a higher sale quantum and profit. More consumers prefer to shop online than at physical stores today with the advancing technology that is now so easily available.

The current technology has boosted the development of industries through well designed websites which showcase the availability of required products and services. Consumers enjoy browsing the web for all sorts of products, services and information available at their fingertips instead of having to brave adverse weather conditions to on-site stores which may be far away.


More benefits are enjoyed with online shopping as the latest technology is able to display the best of products, services and information easily and correctly on well-designed websites which are excellent marketing tools for the suppliers and retailers.

Consumers also benefit from online shopping as they browse the web for their desired products, services and information without having to leave their home. This is especially beneficial to homebound consumers who can be linked up to the Internet via some simple computer gadgets to enjoy a more fulfilling life through technology.

Less cost is involved as one browses the well-designed sites to make their purchases. There is no traveling and parking cost with online marketing and shopping; there is no stress and hassle from annoying salesmen who persist in coercing consumers to make purchases at the shops.

Consumers need not be physically tired walking through the large shopping malls today to seek what they want. Consumers can get on to the web anytime from anywhere to enjoy their shopping spree. Online shopping stems from great web designs and marketing strategies by creative and innovative parties that benefit consumers and online retailers.